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From Homeless to Best-selling Author. Meet Tony J Selimi

The background

Tony J Selimi

Tony J Selimi

Tony Selimi has been on an incredible journey. Born in Macedonia with a childhood disability he grew up to be forced to fight in a civil war he dispised before ending up homeless on the streets of London.

Then, he turned his life around…

Starting by doing odd jobs where he could, he got a job in an Italian restaurants kitchen which provided him a room and meals, he then enrolled in a part-time Engineering course, which after graduating with top honors allowed him to get into UCL to further study Engineering. Working three part-time jobs to pay for his education, graduating at UCL set him up to work in a well-paying field before he turned to document his story and inspire others across the globe.

Since then Tony has become a bestselling author, co-founded award-winning documentary Living my Illusion and appeared on over 100 TV/Radio stations across the world including being interviewed by Jack Canfield and the legendary Brian Tracy for ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX reaching over 50 million viewers worldwide.

He is also an unshakable optimist, TEDX speaker and the founder of TJS Cognition, a coaching, mentoring, speaking, consulting, and education and service institution dedicated to exploring & expanding the frontiers of human awareness and potential.

After hearing Tony’s incredible story and connecting over email, Tony kindly offered to answer our questions.

Meet Tony J Selim:

Q1. What financial lessons did you learn from being homeless?

Living homeless at the age of twenty on the streets of London feeling alone, hopeless, and with no one to turn to for help was extremely frightening and a character building experience that taught me some of the greatest lessons of my life. Here are three of the most important ones:

– Making money through helping people
I would offer elderly supermarket shoppers to carry their bags home, clean and maintain their homes, and do their gardening.

– Rationing food, controlling my emotions and surviving on just £2 a day
Back then a loaf of bread used to be around 40 pence, milk was the same, can of beans were about 30 pence and I’d spend the rest on fruit.

MacDonald used to be 99 pence, so I would eat a meal a day, leave on three slices a bread a day, etc. I would find food that the due date has passed outside the supermarkets in the bins. All the markets at the end of the day threw away a lot of fruit and vegetables, that when cleaned could be eaten.

– Becoming extremely aware of the power that money represents

Q2. What advice would you give to anyone in an extreme financial situation?

Money is simply just another form of the same energy everything in the universe is made off. All you have to do is to remind yourself that you are by design a powerful creator, capable of doing many things.

With that mindset in mind, you can empower yourself to change your momentary extreme financial situation. At times of hardship we tend to forget that everything we experience is a momentary thing and in every moment in time, we can make a different choice.

Write down all of the things you are capable of doing for others and put a monetary value to it. The more you do this, the more your brain will be wired in a way that starts to recognise opportunities that can help you earn more money and change your financial situation.

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Q3. What financial mistakes do you see people in their 20’s making?

Many people in their 20’s spend their money on the things that give them a temporary dopamine fix and forget about their long-term financial future.

One of the things I teach many of my client’s children is how to create wealth building habits as part of their daily experiences of life. For instance, I would teach parents how to reward wealth building behaviors that encourage their children to form a regular saving habit.

Q4. What’s the link between emotional mindset and financial wealth?

Emotions are the great killer of wealth. In my Amazon bestselling book: A Path to Wisdom – How to live a healthy, balanced, and peaceful life there is an entire chapter on the importance of empowering all of the eight key areas of life: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial, Business, Relationship, and Love.

When people are emotional they are more prone to make buying decisions that damage their long-term financial future. Emotionally unstable people push away people and the opportunities that come their way.

5. How can the ‘average joe’ increase their emotional intelligence?

By making a commitment to empowering themselves and taking ownership of their choices in life. Today everyone has a mobile phone and have a free access to the world’s biggest learning library on their hand – Google.

All they have to do is spent two hours a day on Google searching for tools and articles that help them learn something new about themselves.

I highly recommend reading books, going to seminars, and doing all they can to make it affordable to get themselves a mentor or a coach that can help them fast track their emotional intelligence. Investing in yourself is investing in the greatest asset you will ever have.

6. What financial habits do you see your most successful clients making?

– Automatic saving processes
Paying themselves first
– Consistently generate more value for the clients they serve

7. What are the life lessons you wish you learned earlier?

Having experienced many life-threatening situations, I wish I started my personal development much earlier in my life. It would have been life-changing if I had someone who would have helped me navigate the turbulent times throughout my twenties.

To ease the emotional pain inside I spent a lot of time and money on things that later in my life did not matter anymore. Knowing how to handle my emotions better would have helped me fast-track the success I now have created and teach others how to do.

Thank-you Tony for your time and insightful answers, I’m sure our readers will find it as valuable as I did.

About Tony J Selimi

Tony’s mission is to inspire one billion men and women of all nationalities, creeds and colours to become purposeful and disciplined masters of themselves and dedicated and inspired leaders, teachers, and healers who help others awaken their infinite innate wisdom and love. He leaves people inspired, fulfilled, empowered and with a sense of inner peace.

To read more about Tony, download a Free Chapter of his best-selling book, and see what he can do for you please go to:

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