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Feel like you're walking on a tightrope every day?
Stuck in a pay cheque to pay cheque cycle, can't keep your budget in check, dont have a budget, use credit cards or have no savings?

Lesson 1 - Learn how I escaped the pay cheque to pay cheque cycle.


Is saving for a house causing you anxiety?
Stressed out over a correction or rise in interest rates?
Worried if you don't buy now house prices will continue to rise and out price you?

Lesson 2 - Tips to rapidly save for your future home.


Want to increase your income?
Want to drive a better car, go travelling or live in a better neighbourhood? Increase your income to scale up your savings and substantially improve your current lifestyle.

Lesson 3 - It's not just about being frugal. How to easily increase your income without taking large risks.

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Sam Jefferies

How an elusive group of 20-30yr olds are regaining control of their finances, growing wealth and retiring early

Do you feel no matter how hard you try you can't seem to get where you need to be financially?

Feel pushed down by the government, rising house prices, lack of personal finance education or a failing economy?

Can't seem to get where you need to be financially?

I'm going to tell you something, no one ever told you at school....

Over the last few decades, the UK and US government have been spending money like it's going out of fashion.

To cover their debts they've been inventing huge amounts of money (literally adding extra zero's on a computer).

Bank of England Balance Sheet Assets Chart
As The Bank of England invent's money, inflation (cost of goods) accelerates. The amount of invented money is represented on the chart above.

This 'stealth income' causes a huge devaluation of everything priced in that currency. Leading to high 'real inflation'.

It's now got so bad since 1971 the value of the pound has dropped by 90%. And the US is no better, they tripled the total money in circulation between 2008-2012.

Since many commodities, such as petrol, wheat, gas, cotton, timber and paper are priced in dollars. A lot of the things you buy has or will continue to increase in price.

In spite of that, against real inflation salaries have fallen, causing much of the population to have less and less cash each month.

With personal finance only now starting to be taught in schools. A lost generation of 20-30yr old's has emerged. None of whom were taught even the basics of personal finance at school.

Yet this same age group find themselves subject to rampant inflation, squeezed disposable incomes and even 'double-dip recessions'.

UK Weekly Average Earnings Growth 2016
Whilst the cost of goods (inflation caused by BoE inventing money) has been rising, the growth of UK salaries has dramatically slown down.

Whilst this has been unfolding, we've also seen a rise of open education, platforms and investment opportunities open up to the public, previously reserved for the ultra rich.

This has lead to an elusive sub-culture found within the 20-30 age group.

A sub-culture actively harnessing this freely available education, technology and opportunities for their advantage.

Allowing them to increase their skills, regain control of their finances, grow their wealth and even retire early.

Money Nest aims to burst open the doors on the financial lessons no one ever taught you at school.

We will teach you exactly how to budget, invest and even detail case studies on how people (just like you) achieved success.

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