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If you have a low or non-existent credit score you may be struggling to find a mortgage. Mortgage lenders use your report to figure out if you are a responsible lender or not so if there is no history to go off, they may reject you which turns the process into a vicious circle.

The list is endless as to why you may have a low or non-existent credit score. You may have recently moved or returned to the UK or you have always lived with your parents and not had any bills assigned to you.

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I have a low/non-existent credit score, can I get a mortgage?
Why do I have a low/non-existent credit score?
How much of a mortgage loan can I get with little to no credit history?
What are lenders looking for when they search my credit history?
How can I improve my credit history?

I have a low/non-existent credit score, can I get a mortgage?

Absolutely. With some help from our experts you could still get a mortgage with a low credit score or a non-existent history. This is because lenders form their own decisions based on your overall credit and borrower profile, and many specialists don’t use the same traditional scoring model, taking a much more flexible approach. They will generally ignore any credit score and will view your application in its entirety, considering other areas such as affordability, income and overall wealth, outgoings and employment status when assessing your case.

We can team you up with specialist advisors who can support you and put your case to the mortgage lender in the best light to ensure you get a deal.

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Why do I have a low/non-existent credit score?

A low or non-existent credit score could be due to numerous things. You may never have had a chance to build a score in the UK as you have just relocated, or you have not had utility bills in your name as you still live at home.

This probably sounds unfair as you have never actually done anything wrong, you just have not shown that you are a responsible borrower yet.

Some of the reasons below could be why your credit score is not in the best shape so it may be worth using it as a checklist to help:

  • No permanent address
  • No electoral roll registration
  • No UK bank account
  • No utility bills registered in your name
  • No UK employment history
  • A historical credit history (you may have moved abroad and now have returned to the UK)
  • Have only just turned 18 years old (under 18s have no credit file)
  • Living with parents
  • Never needed lending before as you have always had the cash upfront
  • Recently moved to the UK
  • Not long released from prison and have a criminal record


In the UK registering with the electoral roll is an important move to make for your credit history. This is because it confirms your address, identification, and British citizenship. Lenders and credit reference agencies use it as a tool to confirm aspects of your applications so it will help your quest for a mortgage substantially.

It’s free and easy to do through the government website or via your local council office. Bear in mind it can take a few weeks for the process to be completed and every time you move your address will need to be updated.

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Kathy G

I applied for a mortgage from another organization after seeing an excellent offer online, but my application was declined due to my credit history. I am grateful to MoneyNest for connecting me with their broker, who discovered out what the problem was and now I am a client of theirs 🙂

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I had a bad credit history and didn’t know how to apply for a mortgage. The superhero advisors from MoneyNest came into my life when they matched me with an agent who found the perfect lender willing to take on such risk, giving us both hope that there are still opportunities out here!

How much of a mortgage loan can I get with little to no credit history?

Every lender is different in their affordability model, and each can lend the same borrower very different amounts – some lend 3x annual income, where others can lend over 5x.

With no credit history, the size of the mortgage that you could receive will depend on different lenders criteria and how well you fit in to them, and as there will be fewer lenders willing to consider your application, you may not have access to the most generous lenders.

In a scenario where the customer has a good score you would have access to more lenders, some ranging from 4.5x to 6x your annual income, to base how much of a mortgage they can offer. But if you do not have a good score, fewer lenders may mean access to much smaller loans.

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What are lenders looking for when they search my credit history?

Lenders use credit reference agencies to investigate your credit history and provide a report based on your payment history and a variety of other information. It is imperative to note that many mortgage lenders do not need to know the actual “credit score” an agency would provide, as these are just indications of how creditworthy you are, and lenders will instead make up their own mind from the info provided.

As well as the address history, linked associates, and overall account conduct, lenders also look for negative credit issues such as defaults, CCJS, IVAs and even bankruptcies. If they find bad credit in your history then this may mean you need a bad credit mortgage broker to help you.

How can I improve my credit history?

If you are concerned about your low or non-existent credit score do not lose hope as there are many actions you can put into place to start the process of building it up.

Electoral roll registration should be your first point of call, as mentioned above. This is the first hurdle for lenders as they use it to check your identification, address, and citizenship. Make sure to update this every time you move as an incorrect address could damage your application also.

If you have just moved to the UK be sure to open a UK bank account in your own name. You will probably need one to receive an income and pay your bills anyway. It must be active and have a steady flow of transactions going in and out to show how you manage your money.

Utility bills and mobile phone contracts will help improve your score too as you are entering into financial agreements where you are contracted to pay a sum of money each month in return for the goods you receive.

UK credit accounts are a popular way to build up your score quickly and effectively. They are a form of short-term borrowing which when used correctly will have a positive impact on your credit history. You can use the credit cards to pay for small menial transactions every month such as petrol or your food shop and then pay the balance off in full every month.

Your low score could affect your chance of approval for such cards so there are other options out there in the form of flexible credit. There are credit cards designed for people in your situation and are more lenient and willing to accept subprime lenders with the aim of building up your score. Be wary that these cards typically charge a very high APR in return so make sure to pay the balance off in full as often as you can. In the future, you can switch to a cheaper form of lending with a much lower APR.

Payday loans can seem tempting when you have low chances of approval with mainstream lenders but be cautious as they can seriously affect your credit history. They stay on your credit report for 6 years and tell lenders that you may have been experiencing financial difficulties at the time of opting for such a loan.

FCA Disclaimer

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