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Money Nest removes uncertainty around mortgage approvals by matching people with the best mortgage superhero for their circumstances.

Trapped, unable to afford the mortgage you need? One of the income & affordability experts will save you!

Credit issues stopping you getting approved? One of the bad credit hero’s will do what they do best and place you with the right lenders!

Need a mortgage urgently? One of the express advisors will swoop in and rescue your application!

With our site, we strive to deliver you all the relevant information about mortgages and related products as you need, all in the same place, and then make sure you get the superhero treatment you deserve!.

Our Vision:

Everyone gets the right mortgage, regardless of their situation

Our Mission:

To save every borrower from the perils of bad mortgage advice with the right mortgage expert, instantly, everytime.


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Kathy G

I applied for a mortgage from another organization after seeing an excellent offer online, but my application was declined due to my credit history. I am grateful to MoneyNest for connecting me with their broker, who discovered out what the problem was and now I am a client of theirs 🙂

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Trevor N

I had a bad credit history and didn’t know how to apply for a mortgage. The superhero advisors from MoneyNest came into my life when they matched me with an agent who found the perfect lender willing to take on such risk, giving us both hope that there are still opportunities out here!

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Shopping for the right mortgage

Our objective is to match you with the right advisor for your current situation, and we do it by working with only the right calibre of independently accredited broker, someone who has been fully verified for their experience and competency, and is worthy of being called a MoneyNest Mortgage Hero!.

We help customers with complex requirements and unique credit situations, which requires specialist knowledge and skill. Through our mortgage broker matching service we will ensure that you are connected to the right people, rather than just giving you a list of figures or passin you to a generic advisor.

Going to the wrong lender can be VERY costly. It may mean you pay way over the odds for the wrong deal, or worse, you miss out on the dream home / essential refinance altogether. What’s more, declines can impact your approval with another lender. A broker who isn’t a MoneyNest Mortgage Hero may not know the market well enough to give the right advice, and many brokers out there don’t have access to all the lenders and deals, so by definition cannot always get the best solution for you.

Getting the right advice means the right lender first time, maximising your chances of approval.

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We’ll handpick the perfect mortgage hero for you from our network of mortgage brokers and industry professionals, as we recognise that many mortgage applications require a different approach than others.

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Based on our research, the information on this page is correct as of the time of writing. Because lender criteria and rules are frequently updated, please contact one of the advisors with whom we work to ensure that you have the most up-to-date accurate information. The content on this site is not tailored advice for each specific individual who reads it, therefore it does not constitute financial advice. All of our mortgage advisors are qualified to give mortgage advice and do so only for firms that have been licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They will provide you with any specialised information you require. The FCA does not regulate some forms of buy-to-let mortgages. Consider carefully before relying on other debts against your property. If you do not make payments on your mortgage, your home may be taken back by the lender. The equity released from your house will also be secured against it.